Why Choose Us

Our company is a technologically advanced enterprise with great potential for growth. Our chief technical team consists of eight experts who hold doctoral degrees from prestigious institutions such as the Ningbo Institute of Materials, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Taiwan Changgung University. Our sales team boasts more than a decade of experience in overseas sales of lithium batteries. We have established strong partnerships with CALB, REPT, and other world-renowned manufacturers of lithium batteries, serving as their research and development as well as sales partner.

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Managing a Genuine Manufacturer

Interacting directly with a manufacturer results in significant savings in terms of time, money, and effort. Our company possesses its own manufacturing facilities, R&D laboratory, and sales staff. With a decade of experience in the battery industry, we are able to comprehend your requirements more efficiently and effectively. There are no intermediaries involved, no fees to be paid, and pricing is solely determined by real expenses. Invest your resources in meaningful endeavors!

What Makes Us Special?

Our focus on quality and customers is unwavering. That’s why we manufacture products that meet the highest industry standards while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Unlike larger battery suppliers, we provide tailored services and ensure that all processes and details are transparent to you. We handle everything from design and development to production in-house, which means we’re not subject to external factors that could compromise product quality, cost, or delivery.

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What Benefits Await You?

  • A top-of-the-line battery system customized to suit your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive battery solutions that encompass design, development, and production.
  • A decade of experience in the design and production of battery packs.
  • High-quality products that are available at factory prices.
  • Precision molds that can endure at least one million cycles.
  • Complete ownership of all commercial properties created jointly by RHY and you, such as drawings, schematics, molds, and more.
  • Attentive 24/7 customer service, with our sales representative guaranteeing a response within 24 hours.
  • A one-year warranty and lifelong technical assistance.