Original 48V 17.5Ah Reention Dorado E Bike Battery

Original 48V 17.5Ah Reention Dorado E Bike Battery is designed for use in electric bikes and has a rated voltage of 36V or 48V and a rated capacity of 10.4Ah, 11.6Ah, 13.6Ah, 13Ah, 14.5Ah, or 17.5Ah. The battery uses LiNiCoMnO2 chemistry and 18650 3.7V 2500mAh cells.
The outer case style of the battery is an inner battery case, and the number of cells used in the battery varies depending on the model. The Dorado Mini uses 30 or 40 cells, the Dorado Pro uses 40 or 50 cells, the Dorado Plus uses 52 or 65 cells, and the Dorado Max uses 64 or 80 cells. The weight of the battery is 5.5KGS.
The battery can be charged using a standard charge with a constant current of 0.2C and a constant voltage of 54.6V with a 100mA cut-off, or a fast charge with a constant current of 0.5CA and a constant voltage of 54.6V with a 100mA cut-off. The battery can be discharged using a constant current of 0.2C and an end voltage of 39V.
The battery has a cycles life of 500 times with DOD80% and a continuous discharge current of 17A or customized. The peak discharge current is 51A or customized. The battery management system (BMS) provides over-current protection, over-discharge protection, over-charge protection, short-circuit protection, and balance. The battery can be stored at temperatures between -10-40℃ with a relative humidity of 45-75% and a pressure of 86-106KPa.


All cells used in our batteries are 100% new
Chemistry: LiNiCoMnO2
Rated Voltage:36V 48V
Rated Capacity:10.4ah 11.6ah 13.6ah 13ah 14.5ah 17.5ah
Battery cell:18650 3.7V 2500mah cells
Outer case style: Inner battery case
Dorado Mini L440 30pcs or L505 40pcs 18650 cell
Dorado Pro L505 50pcs or L440 40pcs 18650 cell
Dorado plus L440 52cpcs or L505 65pcs 18650 cell
Dorado Max L440 64pcs or L505 80pcs 18650 cell
Standard Charge:Constant Current 0.2C, Constant Voltage 54.6V 100mA Cut-off
Fast Charge:Constant Current 0.5CA, Constant Voltage 54.6V 100mA Cut-off
Standard Discharge:Constant Current 0.2C/End Voltage 39V
Cycles life:500 times with DOD80%
Continuous Discharge Current:17A or customized
Peak discharge current:51A or customized
BMS function:Over-Current Protection,Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection,Short-Circuit Protection, Balance
Storage Temperature Range :Temperature: -10-40℃
Relative humidity:45-75%
Pressure: 86-106KPa



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